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At Terrace Creek Dental Care, we enjoy getting to know our patients, and our amazing team focuses on building long-term, trusting relationships. While it’s the people here that make the difference, we embrace dental technology for the role it plays in helping us provide you with exceptional dental care.

Dr. Jagow makes it a point to stay informed about the latest developments in dentistry and invests in technology when she knows it will benefit you and your oral health in some way. Please take a few moments to browse through some of the updated equipment we currently use at our practice, then call us to schedule an appointment so you can see it in person!

CEREC® Same-Day Crowns and Bridges

CEREC (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramic) uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacture) to create same-day dental crowns, bridges, and onlays (partial crowns) in our Mountlake Terrace, WA dental office.

Dr. Jagow will take digital impressions of your teeth using a high-tech scanner linked to the CEREC software system. The software will process the impression accurately before sending the data to our in-office milling machine.

Then, your dental bridge, crown, or onlay will be milled in our milling machine out of a single piece of durable porcelain.

Dr. Jagow will color-match your new tooth restoration to blend in with your smile seamlessly.

Porcelain is metal-free and designed for durability as well as esthetics.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions, also known as intraoral scans, eliminate the need for goopy impression paste and bulky impression trays. Additionally, intraoral scans are incredibly accurate, eliminating the problem of distortions and air bubbles that can occur with old-fashioned alginate impressions.

Dr. Jagow uses digital impressions for many services in our Mountlake Terrace dental office.

  • Nightguards
  • Whitening trays
  • Dental implants
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Onlays (partial crowns)

Dr. Jagow loves offering this benefit to our patients, who appreciate how easy it makes their appointments.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays allow us to see the big picture of what’s happening with your oral health at any given moment in time. Dr. Jagow and her team can determine a lot from a visual exam, but they can’t see inside your teeth, which is where cavities often start to develop. To provide the most appropriate treatment, we use state-of-the-art digital x-rays that emit about 80 percent less radiation than older film-type x-rays.

With digital x-rays, we can obtain very detailed images that clearly show tooth decay and gum disease that we couldn’t see with a visual examination. Since these images are digital, our dentist can also share them with you on your chairside monitor. We can enlarge the image, zoom in or out, rotate it, or adjust the contrast so you can see what we see and understand why we recommend treatment.

The digital x-rays we take become a permanent part of your dental history and are stored electronically on our secure in-house network. This makes them easy to access if we need to refer to them in the future or to send to your insurance company or specialists as needed.

Sedation Dentistry

Here at Terrace Creek Dental Care, we understand that dental anxiety is a serious obstacle that prevents many patients from getting the oral health care they need. You may put off making dental appointments or avoid them entirely, but the result is always poorer oral health and increased dental problems.

If this sounds all-too-familiar, we offer sedation dentistry to help even the most anxious patients receive stress-free dental care.

Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” may be the solution you need to get past your dental anxiety and get the oral health care you need. It’s also a perfect choice if you just want to relax through your dental appointment without any stress or worries. Nitrous oxide is very mild and is safe for use in both adults and children. It is easy to administer, and all you have to do is inhale through the small, comfortable mask we place over your nose. When mixed with oxygen, nitrous oxide has a gentle, calming effect that won’t put you to sleep, and you’ll be fully conscious during your procedure.

At the end of your appointment, we stop the flow of nitrous and let you relax and inhale pure oxygen for several minutes as the effects quickly dissipate. That means there are no drowsy side effects, making nitrous oxide perfect for busy adults who need to get back to their usual routine with no downtime.

We also offer oral sedation with Valium for patients who need a little deeper relaxation to ensure their comfort. Dr. Jagow prescribes the sedative for you to take before your appointment, and it provides mild sedation effects similar to nitrous oxide. Both are very helpful for reducing your anxiety level and which we recommend will depend on your preference. Keep in mind, however, that since an oral sedative like Valium stays in your system for several hours, you will need someone to drive you safely to and from your dental appointment.

Metal-Free Dentistry

We are pleased to offer our patients the benefits of metal-free dental restorations. We offer porcelain crowns and bridges, amalgam-free tooth-colored fillings, and we can even provide metal-free dentures for complete metal-free dental care.

For added convenience, we now offer same-day CEREC crowns, bridges, and onlays. That means you don't have to attend multiple appointments or deal with inconvenient temporary restorations. You can have your treatment from start to finish in a single day!

Intraoral Cameras

Your oral health needs are different from anyone else, so it’s important to us that you understand why Dr. Jagow recommends a particular treatment and how it will benefit you. To do so, we use intraoral cameras, which are a type of dental technology that lets you see what we see during an examination.

An intraoral camera is a small handheld device that lights up the inside of your mouth, and as we pass it over your teeth, the images appear instantly on your chairside monitor. Dr. Jagow can point out areas of concern like cavities or gum disease so you can see them clearly. We can take still images of what we see and save them to your patient record, where we can refer to them or use them to maximize your insurance benefits. 

Intraoral cameras solve the mystery of what your dentist sees when they look in your mouth. When you can visualize what we see, you can be actively involved in the process. Together, we can make decisions about your treatment that make the most sense for you and that you can feel comfortable with.

TVs in Treatment Rooms

At Terrace Creek Dental Care, our goal is to make every aspect of your experience with us as pleasant and stress-free as possible. In addition to a caring and experienced team and expert dental care, we've equipped each of our treatment rooms with ceiling-mounted TVs and noise-canceling headphones for your enjoyment.

Adults and children both appreciate the distraction of their favorite TV show to help their appointments seem to fly by.

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